Trading instruments

Wide range of trading instruments.

Select your favorite instruments, try something new everyday.


CLIQ FX provides you with the ease of access to the world of online trading. We make global markets instantly accessible as and when required by our valuable traders. Feel free to experience the lifestyle of a modern trader with CLIQ FX.

For your ease we have divided the instruments into three main categories, which are as under:

At CLIQ FX we believe in 100% customer’s satisfaction and entirely smooth & instant execution of your trades. We provide you more than 90 world-renowned trading instruments so that you can trade with whatever instrument you like.

We have categorized the instruments to trade in financial markets in three main groups. Please bear in mind that the prices of all of these trading instruments depend on many factors. It is really important to understand all the factors that may affect the price of trading instruments in order to make profitable trades.

The fundamental factors, which may affect the prices of any financial instruments, are as under:
 •  Financial factors
 •  Political factors
 •  Environmental factors
 •  General economic factors

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